Friday, 19 March 2010

Alexa Chung The British Trendsetter

Alexa Chung is an English television presenter who most recently hosted MTV's It's On with Alexa Chung in the United States of America, which was cancelled after its last airing on 17 December 2009.In 2007, Chung came to the attention of the fashion press for her distinctive, quirky style. She frequently appears on Best Dressed Lists, in fashion magazines and on the front row of fashion shows. In December 2009 she came top in Vogue's Style List. She socialises with many well-known faces but has said the idea of lots of celebrity friends is "so cheesy". She has dismissed the notion of being an It girl, saying “there’s not much to being an It girl. It’s really quite a depressing title to hold”.


  1. i LOVEEEEEE alexa chung. she is so gorgeous and beautiful. i wish i was her!

  2. Come on, who the hell is alexa chung? she's an anorexic with a personality disorder. Glad we got rid of her here in england. Aggy is much better than chung. post some of Aggy's pics to see what I'm saying

  3. Ohhhh , come on! She is not that bad!
    We are talking only about her style!
    Next time I'll post Aggy's photos, I promise! :)


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