Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The time has come... Toi&Moi the e-fashion store is now open!

Hooray!...Start shopping!! With great excitement, today Toi&Moi launched the on-line shop where you can now securely purchase our favourite clothes. The e-store is designed according to the highest standards and you will be able to navigate to all categories of Toi&Moi collections.

Here are some details: The first section is called "For Fashionistas". This category designed to showcase the special items of each collection. I am so excited and anxious about this one because I was one of the models.Toi&Moi invited some of the best known Greek fashion bloggers to get photographed in their own distinct style. I want to thank their team once again for the great experience and their hospitality that day!! Especially lots of thanks to Hara,the Marketing Manager of Toi&Moi, for inviting me!
The second category is the "Top 5 Dresses" where the Toi&Moi team chose their favourite dresses for our Christmas holidays and the third section is the "Best Sellers" just to know which pieces most visitors choose from a collection.
Moreover, with purchases worth over 120€ you get the e-bonus card that gives you 10% off of your next online buys and delivery in Greece doesn't cost anything at all! For the rest Europe and Balkan countries the standard shipping costs only 12€ and the Express 20€. Great news, don't you think?!?! Ready to be the first e-loyal customers? I hope you enjoy shopping on-line at



  1. ma eisai mia omorfia sketi!podares! fili megalo!miss you!

  2. Τελειο το παλτο!Και τα παπουτσια Toi&moi ειναι;;Θα ριξω σιγουρα μια ματια στο site!

  3. @ Rania
    Ναι και τα παπούτσια είναι από το Toi&Moi και είναι διαθέσιμα στο e-shop! Τα συστήνω ανεπιφύλακτα!!! Αν και είναι αρκετά ψηλά, είναι από τα πιο αναπαυτικά που έχω φορέσει!!

  4. Kala teleia i photo alla egw epatha megaluteri plaka otan se eida "live". Kormara!

  5. mou aresoun ola ta rouxa pou forane ta koritsia alla to diko sou apla to agapo!To koitaza simera kai de mporousa na ksekolliso!well done!

  6. τι γαμπα ειναι αυτη κοριτσι μου !!!!!! ουαου!!!!!! υπεροχες ολες και τα ρουχα φανταστικα !!!!

  7. that coat is lovely!

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