Monday, 12 September 2011

New York Fashion Week: Victoria Beckham's Show

VB was still Posh Spice ten years ago; her rapidly expanding clothing and accessory brand not yet in its infancy. Today was her first full-scale runway show, but she's hardly a beginner.
Beckham wasted no time establishing her signature: hourglass dresses as rigorously constructed on the inside as they are streamlined on the outside. Season by season, in perfectionist fashion, she's added new elements: volume, print, embroideries, a bag range, and now, for Spring, a timely new interest in utility and sport.

The stretchy hourglass dresses are still here, still ridiculously sexy, but now they have sturdy, buff-gray nylon straps and D-rings—even the long, evening version. Joining them on the catwalk at the New York Public Library were short, easy shifts, some inset with a horizontal stripe of sheer mesh, worn with what had to be VB's first-ever flat sandal. Has having her fourth baby inspired this more practical bent? Could be: Outerwear, though cut in double-faced satin, was on the boxy side with sporty rolled sleeves and hoods. And soft shoulder bags and oversize totes are now in the mix alongside her signature constructed frame bags
But what's life without a little glamour? The wide bands of navy and safety orange on a clingy sheath prove you can still depend on Beckham for exactly that.

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