Thursday, 1 December 2011

Airport chic

Do it like Gwyneth

Whether we are talking about short flights, or for overseas travel, the question "What to wear on the plane?" concerns everywhere fashionistas, which have already spent all the sartorial imagination in organizing their luggage. Nevertheless, we all envy, at times, photos of our favorite stars at airports, showing impeccable, stylish and relaxing before or after their flight. Of course, the airport chic look of the stars is not just for the lucky ones who travel, but for all of us, since it is a simple, comfortable and very, very chic look. So, people can adopt it and look perfect at any circumstances.

1) The jacket: In a dark gray color, you will find it useful at all hours of the day. Jacket, 59.95 € mango
2) The jeans: The most favorite and easy to wear piece of our wardrobe, in skinny and very flattered line. Jeans, 46.74 € topshop
3) The scarf: The airport chic it requires layering, since the temperatures from destination to destination and the air is different. The same, however, applies for a breakfast in town, where we moved from office to the streets, coffee, drink and back home. Also, for every outfit, small details like a pashmina or a scarf gives style without the slightest effort. Grey pashmina, 12.50 € fullahsugah
4) The booties: Despite the high heel, the "hidden" platform, the warm, soft material and the zipper on the side, make them surprisingly comfortable for all day long. Booties, 49.90 € fullahsugah
5) The bag: Of course oversized to fit everything but styling for extra points. Black, why is the ultimate chic color. Black Bag, 10 € mangooutlet


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  1. perfect! i love looking chic on the plane and airport as well! and i do wear and carry similar clothes and accessories like those you suggested!! :) an oversize bag is a must for sure!


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