Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Madame Shou Shou

I discovered a new Greek brand under the name "Madame Shou Shou", by Elina Kordali. The designer studied fashion design in Milan and Barcelona and last April launched out her first personal collection.
I really really loved her job!! Every piece has a feminine, girly and romantic touch and it's comfortable with sexy details.

Have a look! Am I right?
Don't pretend.
Don't lie.
Don't try without a reason, try only for yourself.
Life is such a nice game.
And the best thing is that you can play with your own rules...
So just smile, enjoy and wear whatever makes you happy.
Trust your own taste, because it's your own style!
And you know it better.., better than anyone.



Stores: Ammos/N.Erythraia, Paramour/Kifisia, Simple Caracter/Chalandri-Mall, Lola Mundo/
Thessaloniki,To Axouri/Kalamaria, Sketch/Giannena, Basics/Ag.Nikolaos



  1. sooooo wonderful! love these bikiniss!

  2. einai ola teleia...eidika to makru forema me thn plati eksw..fanstastikoooooo

  3. Love them all!!

  4. that bikini shot is mindblowing!!!

  5. The shots are wonderful. Love the "back" concept!


  6. Poli mou aresan! Tha ta psaksw!


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